Frequently Asked Questions

Does the sign need to be plugged in for the lights to work?

No. Our SpinTopSigns have a solar panel lid which provides the energy needed to power the lights each night.

Will my rider fit on top of the horizontal post arm?

Due to the location of the SpinTop, riders cannot be placed above the horizontal arm post. Typically riders have holes on both the top and bottom to allow for placement beneath the horizontal arm post.

Can I disable the light feature?

Yes, you have the ability to disable the light feature. Simply unscrew the cylindrical tube from the base of the light to expose the button. Press the button once to disable the light feature, and press again to re-enable.

What is a SpinTopSign?

We're glad you asked! A SpinTopSign is a modern take on real estate "For Sale" signage! A cylinder sits atop our signpost and displays home images and information. A SpinTop holds 5 home images of your choosing, as well as an informational sheet that displays the number of beds, baths, square footage and a short description of the property. An eye-catcher like no other, prospective buyers are enticed to come up for a closer look, spinning the sign to instantly see the most appealing aspects of your listing. Oh, and we forgot to mention, our SpinTopSigns have a solar-powered lid that enables them to light up from the interior at night, producing an elegant glow that won't disturb neighbors, but will greatly increase the number of hours that you're able to market your listing!

What type and size paper should I use in my SpinTopSign?

Your SpinTopSign holds 6, 8" X 10" images. For the best results, use matte photo paper without a watermark.

Do SpinTopSigns rotate automatically?

Your SpinTopSign rotates either via wind power or manually by your prospective buyers. It is equipped with two exterior "wings" to help catch the wind.

How long will my SpinTopSign stay lit in the evening?

Depending on weather conditions and daily sun exposure, your SpinTopSign can remain lit from serveral hours to all the way through the night.

Will my SpinTopSign hold up in harsh weather?

The SpinTopSign has been designed with harsh weather conditions in mind. It will withstand inclement weather, including rain, wind, snow and intense sunlight. Thick snow cover may reduce solar lighting capability.